About Me

Hi! I'm Bo.

I’m a fresh Information Science graduate with a Master's Degree from the University of Texas at Austin, focusing on UX design.

What makes me a good UX professional?


Be logical. Be rational.

I did my bachelor's degree in Polymer Materials and Engineering. Given that, logic is in my blood. It taught me the importance of defining a problem before actually launching research. I needed to do a series of experiments collecting the property data of a specific material, eliciting them, and bringing forward a conclusion that could serve as an implication for its future applications. All of these techniques have carried over to the UX work I do today.

Be empathetic. Be inclusive.

Being able to empathize makes the process of fully stepping into someone else’s shoes and understanding what they are going through easier. With this deeply rooted trait, I can also see challenges in meeting the needs of "minorities". I hope I can make this world a more inclusive place as a UX professional by listening to people's voices in the first place. For now, I'm still on my journey to achieve this goal. Courses related to accessible user experience and CPACC are the milestones demonstrating my forward progress.


3D Model
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